9/11: Air Defense Stand-Down Order

NORAD Stand-Down Theory

It is rumored that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) sent out jet fighters late and even away from the 9/11 hijacked airplanes on purpose to make sure they would reach their targets.

F15 flying above Manhattan

a F15 arriving too late to protect New York City

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) monitors air traffic. It is standard procedure for the FAA to warn NORAD when an airplane flies off course or radio contact with it is lost. NORAD had the capability to locate and intercept the hijacked airplanes on September 11.

On 9/11 these standard procedures were not carried out.

StandDown.net's Mark R. Elsis says: "There is only one explanation for this.... Our Air Force was ordered to Stand Down on 9/11."

Failures In Procedures

The air defense had effective procedures to repel the 9/11 attack. Yet it did not managed to respond in time until after the attack was over. It took more than an hour after the attack started for the air defense to respond. There have been made a series of failures during the attack on 9/11. The most striking failures are:

  • Failure to report: According to the official timeline, the FFA did not respond in time to warn the NORAD about the hijacked airplanes that were flying off course. The respond time was much longer than the prescribed times.
    Among the delays are a 20-minute delay in reporting Flight 11 and a 40-minute delay in reporting Flight 77. The delays are suspicious because, both airplanes did not respond to communications, were flying off-course, and had stopped broadcasting their IFF signal.
  • Failure to scramble: once NORAD was warned by the FFA about the off-course airplanes, it failed to scramble(=order to start-up the engine, a process that takes around 5 minutes) interceptors from bases within easy range to protect the 9/11 targets.
    Interceptors were only scrambled from bases far away from the 9/11 targets. This is suspicious because early in the attack Flight 11 had flew south directly toward New York. It was obvious New York and Washington D.C. were the potential targets. No reasonable explanation has been given for failing to scramble interceptors in time.
  • Failure to Intercept: Even though the jet fighters were not dispatched from nearby bases, the interceptors that were scrambled still had enough time to reach the hijacked airplanes.
    However the interceptors failed to reach their targets in time because they flew at a small fraction of their top speed.
  • Failures to redeploy: Interceptors that were airborne when the attack started were not redeployed to intercept the hijacked airplanes. When the interceptors arrived to protect New York City they were too late. They were not redeployed to protect Washington D.C. even though there was still plenty of time to reach it before the Pentagon was hit.
    From WTC to the pentagon
    When the two F-15s from the Otis base reached New York City, there was only one plane still flying without the IFF transponder on. This airplane had just made a 180-degree turn over southern Ohio and was heading toward Washington D.C. for 13 minutes. It was still 35 minutes before the Pentagon was hit. Had the interceptors been sent to protect Washington D.C., they could have traveled the approximately 300 miles in approx:
    300 miles/1880 mph = 9.5 minutes
    They could have easily made it to the capital in time to protect the Pentagon if they had continued to fly with a speed of only 500 mph.

FFA versus U.S. government

The U.S. government claims the FFA did not report NORAD about the hijacked planes until three of the four hijacked airplanes had crashed, this claim would indicate that the FAA repeatedly lied to U.S. government agencies. However in September 2001, NORAD generals claimed they knew of the hijackings in time to scramble enough interceptors to prevent the 9/11 attack.


Abdul Jalil Awan@2016-02-17 18:55:50

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The failures of all the air defence and FFA points rather obliquely to the obvious suspicion that "all was not well in the state of Denmark and I am sick at heart".





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