What is HAARP?

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is an ionospheric research project funded by the U.S. Air Force, its official facility is located in Gakuna, Alaska. Because of the high secrecy surrounding the government HAARP program, many theories have risen trying to reveal its true nature.

Purpose of HAARP

HAARP Facility

HAARP facility in Gakuna, Alaska

According to the official story HAARP's purpose is to research the behavior of the ionosphere. Since 1993, HAARP has been in the hands of the military and it is said that those hands turned this tool into a weapon. Some of HAARP's weapons have already been used.

List of HAARP's developed weapons:

  • Mind Control: HAARP has developed the ability to mind control or "mood" control the population in entire regions. Certain extremely low frequency (6-11 Hertz) waves can cause a person to feel good or depressed and affect its behaviour.
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  • Weather Control: HAARP has developed the ability to manipulate the weather. HAARP can cause "natural" disasters such as hurricanes tornados and thunderstorms and has already done this in Haiti and Japan.
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  • Earthquakes: HAARP has the capability to cause earthquakes at practically any point on earth. HAARP manipulates the ionosphere and, consequently, modifies the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is vital to the stability of the tectonic plates that float on the surface of the earth.
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How does HAARP Work?

HAARP consist of a field of antennas on the ground in southeast Alaska linked together to operate as one enormous antennae. There are 360 antennas, each producing 10,000 watts. When put all together, it's 3.6 million watts collectively.

HAARP Antenna

HAARP consist of a field of antennas on the ground linked together to operate as one giant antennae

When HAARP is fired, the radio-waves are broad-casted straight up or straight down. When fired up, all of the antennas shoot powerful waves into the ionosphere, the upper most part of the atmosphere. During this process, the radio-waves heat the atmosphere, creating irregularities that allow the ionosphere to bounce powerful radio signals back to earth. When aimed down, these powerful waves shoot into the earth hitting fault lines that could cause violent earthquakes.

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ONELONEDOLPHIN@2017-07-04 16:22:20

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PS: since HAARP was built in Gakona, many other locations have also been built. Can you please include a map of each location? Thanks 

ONELONEDOLPHIN@2017-07-04 16:19:27

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HAARP, is located in "GAKONA" in Interior Alaska about a half hours drive south of Delta Junction. That's it's FIRST location. It's been reduced in size since it was built & there are guards who WILL run you off if your merely curious & need to make a pit stop to change your kids diapers! I know!! It happened to me! My friend, Dr. Nick Begich wrote a book in great detail about this & you can watch his YouTube channel for more info. Please correct your typos? Thanks 

logomito@2015-02-13 15:30:18

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How Haarp technology really works is unknown to 99% of the population. Read this article to find out the technology behind artificial clouds, earthquakes and surveillance here:


littlefoot@2014-10-28 03:20:14

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Learn more about  HAARP by looking up Geo Enginerrnig.  Sorry about the miss spelling.

littlefoot@2014-10-28 03:17:31

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There is a HAARP in Northern California that no one talks about.  I wonder why. It is on the way to Klamath Falls, Oregon in a remote area.  While camping up there in the wilderness we ran across it.  The sign said it was a radar station. I know what a radar station looks like and this wasn't a redar station.  This place looked exacturally like HAARP in AK but smaller!  I even touched the fence as no one was around.  Their was also not a sound in the area, not one bird singing in the 4 days we were in there.  How sad.

rusticoj1956@yahoo.com@2013-11-23 00:50:49

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Well it's possible really to have this manmade calamity due to advance technology and or study but how come this advance mind is fond of having tragedy as their source of play? Is it because Judas is still around? If this is true then What is their prime purpose???


jmendes21@2013-06-26 15:17:35

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HAARP is a program developed by the US Government by the hand of the Illuminati, they plan to use this tool as a weapon in the near future, maybe they have already started... Check out more about HAARP and other Illuminati Members here http://www.illuminatiornot.com/haarp

bahkai1@2013-04-24 20:03:20

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I want to know how HAARP work?I want someone help me about it.


bahkai1@2013-04-24 19:47:39

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I want to know how HAARP work?I want someone help me about it.


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