What do you need to install an above ground pool?

A permanent above ground pool is quite an investment. It will inevitably change the landscape of your yard. But it will also provide an immense amount of fun for everyone who gets to dip their toes in it.

Still, this isn’t a purchase that should be made lightly. You need carefully consider all the factors and all the requirements. So what is it exactly that you need to install a working above ground swimming pool?

Legal grounds

This depends completely on where you live because zoning laws differ from place to place. For example, your city might not allow structures to be built upon the land, even if you are the owner. This, unfortunately, means that you won’t be able to install an above ground swimming pool unless you manage to change the laws somehow. Or, in some cases, the city allows it but the neighborhood’s home owner’s association doesn’t. You should inquire first before you start placing the pool on your land. Sometimes, you will need to apply for permission to install a pool.


Above ground pools come in many sizes, shapes, and depths so you should be able to find something that fits in with your yard. However, you shouldn’t just place the pool anywhere there is enough space. That space needs to be far away from shade, especially in the summer, so that the water isn’t always cold. Some municipalities may also have additional rules about the distance from the house to the pool, from the pool to the fence, and so on. The land you install the pool on should be even – if it isn’t then it needs to be leveled before you place the pool.

Water filter

As in any other pool, you will need to install some kind of a filter system to keep your water clean. With above ground pools, you have essentially three choices: sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth filters. Sand filters are the easiest to set up and are pretty low-maintenance. D.E. filters provide superior cleanliness but are a pain to set up and maintain because you can fill them up only with the D.E. filter powder which tends to be expensive. Cartridge filters are somehow in the middle.


A liner is a material you put on the bottom and sides of an above ground swimming pool to make it more sturdy. By protecting the pool frame from external damages you help make it last longer. There are several types of liners available so you can choose how you want your pool to look like.

Solar cover

A solar cover is a must for any pool owner. They are an amazing invention that will keep your water warm. A pool would heat up anyway if there was sunlight shining on it but due to other factors like wind and water evaporation, that rise in temperature wouldn’t be noticeable. So most people use a solar cover – the cover transfers the heat from sunlight directly to the water and protects the pool from other weather conditions. It also helps keep the pool clean.

An above ground pool is an investment that will pay off when you see your family enjoying the water in their own backyard.